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Sieben Sommersprossen (1978)

senorita : Sun, 08 Nov 2015 00:17:02 ( 5473 Views )  
Sieben Sommersprossen  / Seven Freckles AKA Seven Freckles
Genre Comedy  | Drama  | Romance
Director(s) Herrmann Zschoche
Writer(s) Christa Kozik
Studio Deutsche Film (DEFA)
Country East Germany
Cast Kareen Schröter , Harald Rathmann , Christa Löser , Evelyn Opoczynski , Jan Bereska , Barbara Dittus , Hilmar Baumann , Janine Beilfuß , Carola Spindler , Sabine Schmich , Michael Boettcher , René Rudolph
Plot Teens in a holiday-camp. First love, first sex, first self-made theatre performance of "Romeo and Julliet" - quite interesting to have a look at the east-German youth in the seventies.
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