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Die blonde Sex Sklavin (1971)

Devilz : Fri, 24 May 2013 17:31:55 ( 11164 Views )  
Die blonde Sex Sklavin / Der lüsterne Türke , Die blonde Haremsdame AKA Der lüsterne Türke , Die blonde Haremsdame
Genre Comedy
Director(s) Michael Miller
Writer(s) Michael Miller
Studio Avco Film
Country West Germany
Cast Ingrid Steeger , Claus Tinney , Arnold Marquis , Eva Curtis , Gerd Duwner , Don Geilo , H.H. Jochmann , Yuri Langarm , Tina Rainford , Günther Notthoff , Nadia Pilar , Jutta Albrecht , Paul Jose , Joan Loveme , Angelica Wehbeck
Plot A blonde European girl is kidnapped and sold into sexual slavery in North Africa.

"Lustful Turk", is based on the libretto of Mozart's "Abduction from the Sera" from 1782 - is one of the stories of "1000 Nights" evidence-based narrative about Emily Barlow, who was kidnapped Algerian pirates from the ship and gave Bey von Algier. In the novel's first edition appeared in 1860, includes 16 illustrations that were rated in the world. The first page stated: "Scenes from the Eastern harem of an influential person, truthful and detailed. Completeness of the narrative of temptation and complete submission to the intimate desire of Turks, is contained in a simple manner, without exaggeration, which guarantees authenticity." "Lustful Turk" is considered along with " Fanny Hill, "a typical example of English literature.
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