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Der Kurpfuscher und seine fixen Töchter (1980)

Devilz : Sun, 09 Jun 2013 09:08:06 ( 4350 Views )  
Der Kurpfuscher und seine fixen Töchter  / The Quack and His Fast Daughters AKA The Quack and His Fast Daughters
Genre Comedy
Director(s) Franz Marischka
Writer(s) Franz Marischka
Studio CTV 72 Film und Fernsehproduktion GmbH
Country West Germany
Cast Peter Steiner , Fred Stillkrauth , Ursula Buchfellner , Alena Penz , Sibylle Rauch , Toni Netzle , Rosl Mayr , Wilfried Schmidt , Josef Moosholzer , Hansi Zacher , Siggi Buchner , Claus Sasse , Hermann Giefer , Lilian Rack
Plot The residents of Moss Brook hold the panacea representatives Bretz Bichler mistaken for the new village doctor. Three very pretty blondes who are believed to nurses who support him. Until the real doctor arrives - the practice is flourishing as never before.
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